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Superior service, personalized attention – advising clients around the world while keeping a small town perspective, operating with the utmost honesty and integrity.

We believe that the personal attention we pay to all of our clients is crucial to our success. We therefore limit the number of clients that each of our professionals serves at any given period.

Our approach is to get deep inside our clients’ activities, providing simple solutions to the most complex of issues. We anticipate and design effective solutions to solve these issues, often providing our clients with a commercial edge.

Our nationwide team of tax attorneys, accountants and enrolled agents are highly talented and value a strong team ethic. We pride ourselves in being a small group of highly motivated individuals working toward a common goal.

Experience First.

Our firm has been providing tax services to individuals, partnerships, corporations and trusts for more than 20 years.

Over the past several years, each of our professionals have begun to transition to; primarily providing services to clients with crypto related activities.

Each of us is also actively engaged in some aspect of crypto and decentralized finance apart from our positions at our firm.

With an understanding that the space is rapidly changing, each of our professionals participate in at least 100 hours of learning in blockchain technology, decentralized finance, Web 3.0, smart contracts and DAPPS every year.

We also regularly monitor the changing tax, legal and regulatory environment in relation to these activities.

Leveraged Technology takes advantage of being a cloud-based tax practice with smart, online solutions that supercharge productivity, simplifying signatures and payments and help our clients reduce past, current and future state, local and federal tax liabilities.

That being said, we thoroughly prepare and personally review every tax return, providing you with a sometimes necessary human element that cannot be matched by any software alone.