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With over 20 years of work experience in tax law and accounting, Ernest is a partner at Decrypted Tax, a leading firm that specializes in providing tax solutions for the crypto industry.

Ernest has a Juris Doctor degree from Penn State Law and has been a practicing tax attorney for 20 years.

Ernest has extensive knowledge and skills in tax law, state tax planning, and crypto taxation, and has helped numerous clients navigate the complex and evolving tax regulations in the digital economy.

Ernest is also the owner of Combat Motors, a passion project that designs and sells custom motorcycles.

Ernest is driven by the mission of empowering and educating crypto investors and entrepreneurs on how to optimize their tax strategies and comply with the law.

Ernest is an entrepreneur with a diverse and impressive background, who brings valuable insights and perspectives to the table in each of the projects with which he is involved.

Lincoln Allard

Lincoln has been with the firm for more than 8 years and has prepared or reviewed hundreds of tax returns during that time.

Lincoln also has a diverse technology background and, in addition to his tax preparation responsibilities, Lincoln is responsible for tax technology implementation in coordination with Node40.

Lincoln has proven himself to be an invaluable resource and is available for a free consultation today!